Recipe Review: Chocolate Chip Cookies To Warm Up a Fall Night 

Fall nights call for warm socks, steamy mugs of tea, and good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven. After a 4 year stint with a gluten free diet, I hadn’t baked a batch of real chocolate chip cookies in years, but decided last night called for a renewal of my cookie-baker vows. I enjoyed these chocolatey morsels fresh and warm with a mug of tea while curled up on the couch with my boyfriend, watching throwback episodes of the X-Files from the 90s.

 If you feel like making some too, here is the recipe I used, from AllRecipes.Com,  by user ELIZABETHBH, “Best Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie“.

They are drop cookies, and spread out A LOT during baking so make sure to leave at least 1.5 inches perimeter around each cookie you bake.  

One tip, if you decide to use the recipe: use wayyy less vanilla -1 tsp/5ml should work. I used the full suggested amount (1tbsp!) and it was almost vanilla extract overkill. Definitely still edible but would be better with less (and this is coming from someone who loooves vanilla). 

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Until next time,

Xo Urbanista At Home

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