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Creation Inspiration: A Little Motivation from Nolan Bushnell


Happy Friday, everyone! With the weekend approaching, I thought I’d send out a little something to inspire your creativity and get you all fired up to make and accomplish some creative goals over the next few days.

I really liked this quote by Nolan Bushnell when I came across it. I’ve always been a bit of a daydreamer, and ideas (whether they be for projects, stories, blog topics etc) come easily to me. However, acting on those ideas is a different story! Sometimes it’s because I am not quite sure where to start, or because I’m tired from work, or because my perfectionism gets ahead of me and convinces me that if I can’t do it perfectly right now, then maybe I should wait til I can. But letting these excuses get the better of me means that those creative, exciting, great ideas never get to see the light of day.

This quote by Nolan Bushnell acts as just a little kick in the butt for me, reminding me that creativity only translates into reality when I act on an urge to create something! Otherwise, as wonderful as an idea might be, if you do nothing to bring it outside of your imagination, then no one else will ever get to see it as you do.

The picture behind the quote is of a waterfall in Pemberton, a town about 30 minutes out of famed ski-resort town Whistler, BC. We hiked to Nairn Falls this past August, a few weeks ago, and were awed by the power behind the water that rushed over the top of the falls and sprayed into the rocky basin below. This image of a powerfully active body of water that never stops moving is, for me, the perfect accompaniment to Bushnell’s quote.

This weekend, try to commit to letting yourself create, make, design or craft something when you get a creative whim!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Urbanista At Home

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